Re- Content and tutorials from my site.

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Re- Content and tutorials from my site.

Postby Barry » Wed 06 Jul 2005 - 22:02

Please note that the seperate content for download and tutorials is not now on my site.

The page with the latest route for download, and details is still available,
also the link and details to Texino's site, for my other routes and content is available.

You can easily install the objects from any of my route yourself into the Scenery Designer if you have the full edition. These can be used for Non Commercial use only.

See site for details.

If you would like help with route creation or help with Blender to create content just post on this forum and will try and and help.

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Postby Barry » Thu 07 Jul 2005 - 14:51

The longer light cone to attach to a lighthouse top which I mentioned is not in my current rout but if you want it can email the zip file it as only about 4k.

I may start a series of routes again as mentioned from Liverpool extending around the Lleyn penisula in Wales. The chart I got covres from Liverpool around to about Barmouth so that is the area I will concentrate on.

Unfortunately with little discussion on the forum, it is a little pointless to give details, but if you wish to discuss my routes or your routes, and content, etc, please post on the m/b forum and we will discuss as much as you wish.

I rarely use the sailing simulator as does not run too well for me.

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Postby bobhog » Thu 07 Jul 2005 - 15:49

Hi Barry,

I look foreward to any new routes you may produce to extend into North Wales.

One queery that I have, is when you have produced a vrml2 file, how do you convert it to a buo or s3d file.
Bob Hoggarth.
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Postby Barry » Thu 07 Jul 2005 - 16:22

Hello Bob

It is all automatic.
After you export the vrml2 file from Blender.
You need the free Object Edtor installed.
Double click the vrml2 file or open with the Object Editor.
Then Edit/ Convert to Stentec S3D Object/or Convert to Stentec Buoy.
Also you can convert either vrml2 or the S3D file to buoy file.
Then "Export to Scenery Builder" to use in your own routes.

I converted the static person to a buoy file and put a yellow lifejacket on him.He floated OK.

Also in one of my smaller routes on Texino's site there are some giants 30 feet high.

You can convert any s3d file or buoy file to any size with the Object Editor.
Just checking the Object Editor as I type/

Object/scale frame.
There are 3 ones in boxes.
If you alter a 1 to 2 it is double the size. 1 to 1.5 is 1 and half times size.
0.5 is half size.

The three boxes are length, width, height.
If you want one of my static boats to 3 x the size just put change the 1 to 3 in the 3 boxes. You may need to put on the collision spheres again if it has any on as these would not then be in the same place.
Also you make a copy of the S3D file, etc, and give it a new file-name, then it won't overwrite any.
Or double the length and keep width and height the same, etc.

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Postby Barry » Sat 10 Sep 2005 - 23:49

Tutorials etc are all back on my site plus the 2 large routes for download.
Lancs to North wales at about 50 miles square plus river systems and mountain ranges.

North Wales and Anglesey 2, about 75 square miles plus river systems, etc.
From approx. Point of Air around Lleyn Peninsula plus Anglesey Island, etc.

Any news anywhere?
Any new routes made.
Any new content made?
Any discussion?

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