Towing ships?

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Towing ships?

Postby paul » Sun 21 Aug 2005 - 08:05

Hey everyone! :)

Glad to see that these forums aren't completely dead...

Umm...we had a bit of a question... Is it possible to use the Tugboat to tow ships? We've been trying and don't think it is, but if anyone has a way, please let us know!

Have an awesome day! :)

-Paul & Family
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Postby Barry » Sun 21 Aug 2005 - 12:57

Hello Paul.

Off-line we only have the one boat at a time to sail/motor.
We can moor/berth a boat of-line and pull it into the quays, etc, but no visible mooring ropes at present.

I don't know what the position is for on-line and maybe someone may post about that side of it.

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