North Wales and Anglesey Updated to Version 5

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North Wales and Anglesey Updated to Version 5

Postby Barry » Thu 20 Oct 2005 - 03:56

I seems to run OK so will see if I can upload it to me site to replace version 4 on it tomorrow evening Thursday.

Will mention on this thread if availalbe Ok and on my site, as my site is near the limit with the 2 routes on it.

Added trees and bushes over all the route, added different sail types to the boats and made a smaller one with the Object Editor for fishing, etc.
Few lit houses added and just a few lit buoys I think and a lit top to lighthouses. A few differnt ports added

New wood jetty added and different rocks etc.

Incidentally all boats added are static in this version as impossible to get them to float with the Object Editor so hope that is fixed for sailsimulator 5.

Finally extensive use is made of the 32 bit alpha textures so this route will only appear correct in the motorboat simulator. It will run in sailsimultor but objects will not look right such as trees, etc.

Again the collision spheres now work Ok in the motorboat simulator but they do not in the sail simulator. There is a fix for it but I no longer use it and boats will pass through any new object I have made, etc.

Again something else that needs fixing for sailsimualtor 5.

This is proabably the last large size route I will make and will make 20 miles or so sections in future for finer details, etc.

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Postby Stefan » Thu 20 Oct 2005 - 09:18

Thanks Barry, I will try it when it's available. We hope to have some room available for some sceneries on our webserver soon. So, with your approval, we could host it on our server aswell.
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Postby Barry » Thu 20 Oct 2005 - 15:27

Hello Stefan

I have put n_wales_anglesey_5 on my site.
HavN't downloaded it to test it as took 2 and half hours to upload and on dial up connection.

Would be very useful if you could put it on the Stentec new server as you suggest.

Also the Lancs to N.Wales if possible
The docks in that stretch for about 3 miles and based on dock plans of about 1830.

This would eventually enable me to delete the 2 rooutes from my own site to make space for working on future routes. Will keep future routes to about 20 mile sections to enable more detail for rivers, estuaries and mountains, as spacing was set at 50 and 60 metres, to enable me to make the current routes 50 miles and 75 miles square.

Links to the pages for download are on my main page


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Postby Barry » Thu 20 Oct 2005 - 15:46

Updated Route version 5 is now available for download from my site.
Install with the Scenery Manger from Stentec.

Intall as a single file and click, install to default folder is probably best.
When you start the simulator start any route, scroll to sceneries, and click the route.
Save situation with a name to get it to show in the opening window.

As mentioned routes are set in very early 19th century but using motorboat simulator to enable trees vegetation etc to be used.
Also collision spheres now work OK in m/b simulator.
Only problem can no longer place them with the keyboard arrow keys with the Object editor as have become erratic and have to type the position in for each.

Boats are static as the current Object Editor does not enable all boats to be made floating.

Probably routes/maps could be made of all the coastlines of most countries and interesting coastal content included?

Maps/Routes could be about 20 miles and reasonable accuracy is possible.

Use my content if you wish in your own routes if making available for download for NON COMMERCIAL purposes.
I imagine the same may apply to the content made by Alex and Altug, etc.

To install into the FULL Scenery Designer.
Easiest to use the Object Editor.
Install from where you put the route.
Usually the default is Program Files/Common Files/ Stentec Shared/Sceneries/
Each S3D file or buoy file, needs its own texture file with it.
These usually install automatically along with the S3D file or buoy file if you use the Object Editor.
Or copy and paste them if they don't.
You can check the dependencies for textures, from within the Object Editor and resize objects to any size, apply collision spheres, etc.

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