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Control unit

Postby GoPhiVe » Sun 04 Jan 2004 - 14:42

Hello :)

I recently bought MBS and I enjoy it.

My question: before buying a joystick, I would like to know what is controllable with that "control unit"? At least the steering wheel I guess, but what else? Is it configurable?

Another related question: is it really interesting to use a joystick? Is it more comfortable and/or usefull?

And last one: if a joystick is finally interesting, can anyone suggest a model?
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Postby Stefan » Tue 06 Jan 2004 - 15:13

The control unit was intended to simulate a rudder (so it has a rudder and not a steering wheel) and you simulate pulling a selectable rope (or throttle). It was mainly used for Sail Simulator. Unfortunately the control unit is sold out, so it isn't an option any more.

I can't really tell you if it is interesting to use a joystick, since I've got not enough experience with joystick control.
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racing steer or flight yoke as control init?

Postby plj » Tue 17 Feb 2004 - 14:53

Is it possible to use a racing steer (including padles for 2 throtles?)
as control?

A flight yoke with 2 controls on the top (mixture and throtle) could even be greater for controlling 2 engine boots?

Can one configure a racing wheel in MBS already?

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