File sharing access?

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File sharing access?

Postby Barry » Sun 11 Jan 2004 - 19:58

Doesn't seem much activity on the Scenery Designer page so will post this here.

Been wondering about file sharing options. At present I can email any of the items I have made to members (see web site for details).

Been looking at the Yahoo site and notice the groups have file sharing up to 20 meg storage I think it said. However probably anyone wishing to download from it would then need to be registered in a group and also, registered with Yahoo so maybe that's not the best option?

Are there any free file storage options, that give download facilities to members of the sail and m/b forums that are perhaps simpler?

Carrying on with the email options for time being. The route comes out a 5 to 6 megs so thats too big to email as possible ISP limits, so can only email the 3D models.

The latest being buoy format seaplane and static seaplane which I have just "repaired".

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file server

Postby R.H. Dana » Sun 11 Jan 2004 - 20:55

I am surprised that Stentec will not let you put your files up here for download. They certainly are not using the space for anything else.
R.H. Dana

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