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Missing parts

Postby C. Lemay » Thu 15 Jan 2004 - 18:24

Good day, this is Mr. Lemay speaking. I live in a country wich is very close to the land known as Holland or The Netherlands. Lately when I have wished to go flying in my jet plane the machine will not start. I endevor to find my mechanic "Hans" but he has gone missing. I then requested another man from the mechanics guild and shortly a person came round and had a look. This man, Adolf, says the machine will not go due to some parts missing from each engine. I have checked around among the peasants and have been informed that " a giant black bird came down from the sky at midnight and the sound of clopping as if a group of small horse were running was heard." Then with a mightly beating of wings the back bird rose straight up and flew off in the direction of the zee. (sic)

Now it has come to my attention that certain people in the employ of this "Stentec" are at work on some sort of secret boat which may or may not require "Jets" to make it go. I should like to travel to The Village of Amsterdam and determine from the authorities two things: 1. Is Stentec in posession of my jet parts and 2. What did they do in The War and on who's side?

I hope this message is understandable to you, as this is the first time I have written in the Flemmish Tongue in many a year.

C. Lemay

--------------------- Message 2 -------------------------

Thank God today is warm. Another night of freezing wind and storm and I think I might have thrown myself to the sharks instead of the next boy.

So many days without power or control now, I truly fear for my remaining sanity and the state of our cargo.

We are an experimental Dutch wind/motor powered deep cargo mechantman sailing from West Africa with a load of Negro Slaves and 200 gross of fine mandolins.

Our vessel is a Stentec design and there is some argument among the con watch that this is the reason for our loss of motive power. A check has been made to ascertain if there are any technicals among our Africans. Surprisingly we found four out of the 1200 confined below deck to be qualified programmers. To a man, however, they have refused to aid in our plight, preferring only to code wind farm software even under threat of the lash.

I must also report that, since the death of the wind, we are pursued by large schools of shark. These monsters of the deep so frighten our Dutch crew that we can scarcely get any labor from the superstitious fools.
It is only by the ritual sacrificing of an African boy child each day at Tea, that we can get anything done at all.

We can only hope that Stentec will provide power to our ship at some point or we shall parish to the last.

Dennis Heeg

--------------------- Message 3 -------------------------

Hi ho and all that. I am a sailor, don't have much use for the power squad what with all the smoke and noise. Still there are times when one does need a tow or some other form of assistance. I for one am damn tired of setting out not knowing if there will be any of those jet powered rescue craft, that Johnny Wooden Boots is always bragging on,
to pull us out of the fire should things go a bit to the south.

Good God, man think of the women and children if nothing else!

I say! It takes quite a bit of cheek to put a likeness of a gigantic rescue craft on one's product and then not even have her off the ways. Almost criminal, in this man's opinion and I plan to see something done if I have to go so far as the First Sea Lord to do it. Mark my word.

F. Chitchester

--------------------- Message 4 -------------------------

I now find myself 140 days adrift and still awaiting rescue. My spirits are high since I discovered several chests of raw opiate and rum amongst the cargo.

Yesterday I spied sail and a ship appeared hull down and bearing so as to pass near my drift. My hopes were soon dashed as she showed herself to be a Dutchman and therefore held no chance of rescue for me, for I carry no gold.

True, rumor has it the Burghers have a large craft which could save me in a days time or less being as she is powered by some sort of witchcraft or other foul engine! Alas this does me little good as the magic craft is being held in port until a sufficiently large shipment of gold is delivered into her builder's greedy hands.

Meanwhile, an honest boatman such as I must lie adrift at the cruel mercies of the winter sea!

J. Slocum
C. Lemay

Postby Hilbert » Tue 27 Jan 2004 - 12:10

The forum is intended to interact with other users. However we don't mind if users have complaints. We can take that as feedback for things we should work on. And we understand what your main complaint is. But it would be more mature to state this complaint under your real name instead of under 4+ fake names. You aren't really helping anyone with that.
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Piss off Hilbert

Postby Martha V. » Tue 27 Jan 2004 - 18:26

I will respond to this forum anyway I want to. If you insist on deleting my posts and blocking my logins, I will find other ways to make my point.

Martha V.

I do not think those are fake names

Postby texino » Tue 27 Jan 2004 - 19:08

Howdy Hilbert, Texino here. I was reading whatever that is you put up and I've got to tell you that, as an educated person, I recognize several of those names as belonging to fairly well known seamen. What is more they seem to be giving good advice and one would think you would be happy to get some of that what with the ill will you seem to have engendered with some of the more productive members of this site.

Well good luck to you. I have been away but I am back here in Florida to cover Bike Week for TWO Magazine.

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You can buzz off too Texino

Postby Martha V » Wed 28 Jan 2004 - 05:30

You are supposed to be such a hot shot. Who took down all his anti-Stentec posts and tried to suck up to the moderators?
To heck with the lot of you.

Martha Vines
Martha V

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