Make Your Own Boat? Drive Own Boat? More than 1 in scene.

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Make Your Own Boat? Drive Own Boat? More than 1 in scene.

Postby Barry » Thu 15 Jan 2004 - 23:21

Those who have visited my website know I have been making 3D static models, and static floating boats, set in a scene for around say 1900, for the dock areas, canals, and locks.

Tried another program a while ago, with several drivable boats in the same scene, from liners to fishing boats, etc. However again I like the realism of the Stentec Motorboat Simulator, but back to the one boat problem.

So I think I will change from the Mersey Estuary on my website, to making 3D models for say the Welsh coastline, with small paddle steamers going up the river Conway years ago, small coasters, tugs, etc. Small docks, etc used by the smaller coastal vessels, coastal villages, etc, set again (lets pretend) at the turn of the century or a bit later. Large dock areas are not really feasible, so sailing to the small docks and harbours could be the alternative.

I know animated boats were suggested for version 2 of the Scenery Designer Toolkit, but not sure what that means, also a Boat Designer program was mentioned I think. I can probably use "Blender" with a low poly count in mind regarding frame rates, for making boats, etc.

So are the animated harbour scenes, with several boats MOVING in the same scene (other than on-line), still a real possibility. I understand set dates etc, can't be mentioned, but it would be nice to know that this is still being actively considered, once version 1.2 of the motortboat sim is completed, and perhaps combined with it's developement for use in obtaining a motorboat license.

A few people have enquired can they drive, sail the 3D model boats on my site. so there are probably many who would be interested in this alternative to the racing side, etc, and possibly add a greater interest in the motorboat sim.

The 3D models can do much to help add "atmosphere", and even adding coastal roads and building and people, shouldn't be too demanding on frame rates as you appeart to be able to add quite a few 3D models without much of a drop in performance, (refer to my site for screenshots) but it does need several moving boats in the scene for any realism.

The Stentec working windmill simulation, sounds interesting too. No forum to mention that so metioned here.



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Good Man

Postby J. London » Fri 16 Jan 2004 - 10:43

Barry, you are doing a wonderful job. It is too bad Stentec will not give you space to put your models up for download. As far as release dates, you have every right to enquire. You would be surprised that every once and a while someone will give you a straight answer! Basically what is going on is Stentec pulls people off MBS and puts them on private jobs that come in. They have the option of hiring more people to finish this thing off, but I guess they figure since they are only 150 days late, it is no big deal; besides, they already have our money.

I can understand a company wanting to bring cash in the door from some outfit who wants a wind farm feasibility study. Still, I believe there is an ethical issue here as well, and the fact that the company has decided to let it's simulation customers twist in the wind is an insult and leaves the inference that these people have no respect for the custom of the people who they see as "gamers" and we can just bloody well wait. Well things may change. There are some other companies kicking the idea of boating simms around. I just hope that Stentec doesn't end up like that Railroad Simulator program in the US. They had the same attitude till Microsoft slapped Train Simm together in about 6 months and literaly killed this other firm plus MS let the code out and now you can get tons of train stuff from guys just like you who do it because they love to make things. I really hope this company wakes up and starts working with the talented users. Everyone would be a winner should that happen.
Good luck and thanks again for all your work and time.
J. London

Postby Barry » Fri 16 Jan 2004 - 21:41

Thank JL

Just go along with the flow I suppose, and we we will see what happens.
The Motorboat sim as least is progressing "slowly", and Stentec have mentioned they will be updating the versions as time goes on.

Don't know of any other sail simulator at present that has the realism and the ease of adding 3D models, although I think the route editor could be better, as you can't alter the map once created and you have to go back to the dem or greyscale map to make alterations, etc, as far as I know.

Just keep our fingers crossed that the additions are sooner rather than later.

Updated my site to complete the pages with a short summary and will see if I can start off a new page for the North Wales coastline, and keep adding 3D models to it. Start off with a variety of texture sheets I think, for grass, shingle, stones, farmland, etc, to fill in the coastal gaps and maybe place roads on top, connecting the small coastal towns as can't really get into sailing/motorboating, on empty coastal routes.

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Postby Hilbert » Thu 22 Jan 2004 - 10:58

That's an interesting post Barry. We still have planned a couple of the features you mentioned. As you mentioned as well, we really can't give you dates on when what will happen, but I can tell you that the majority of what was planned is still planned.

The shipdesigning program is still in our consideration, as well as a 2nd edition of the Scenery Designer Toolkit. We have talked about the floating and moving ships other than the ones in the simulation, but I wouldn't be able to say what's the status of that right now.

Making MBS suitable for boating licenses is a feature which still is in consideration too. A couple of organizations are currently testing the program and will give their comments and suggestions about that. We haven't recived anything yet though, so not much to tell about a date again.

Again, our intention is to make this all happen.
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Postby A. L. Nelson » Thu 22 Jan 2004 - 19:52

Interesting post Hilbert. It contains words, punctuation and sentence structure, yet it doesn't say anything concrete. Concrete being the operative word since it can mean a solid substance made from aggregate parts.

Not everyone has the talent to produce these verbal gymnastics and since making something that says nothing is a skill widely employed in the political arena, perhaps you might consider going out for King. Also, I am thinking there is an election of some sort in 2007, maybe this is an option. I don't know, as I have never been to the .nl due to it's reputation as a major European producer of illicit amphetamine and other synthetic drugs. Speaking of drugs, maybe an internship in that business might help your staff to get updates out on schedule.

Example: Say I ordered and paid for 50k hits of ecstasy to be delivered by 9/30/03 and the date had gotten round to say 01/22/04 and I had not gotten my pills. Well according to movies and news reels I have seen, I can pretty much guarantee that the "company" from whom I had mad the purchase would be but a smoking hole in the ground subsequently rebuilt into a thriving business which made a point of keeping it's promises.

Now then, if you think I am making hostilities, I am not at all. I am simply making fun of Stentec's inability to deliver an update of one stinking boat that was due six months ago.

Ok see you

A. L. Nelson

Postby Barry » Thu 22 Jan 2004 - 23:37

Thanks Hilbert for your post.

I think without more moving boats in the scene, even if not drivable, but perhaps your own made boats. under some sort of Artificial Intelligence, would add a whole new dimension to the simulation.

There is a sound structure in place, from creating routes, to ease of making models of all types (with Blender), and easily placing them into the simulation. Although you really need to be able to work on a route when completed to alter terrain, etc. and to mould the environment. I find the only way to bring more realism is using extensive 3D models, such as texture sheets to hide the jagged coast outline if not straight or at 90 degrees etc.

3D models of any type can be made and placed easily into the simulation, but without a "busy" scene, of boats coming and going, the simulation seems stifled, and limited to online racing and training to sail a motorboat or sailboat. It could offer so much more, without affecting the racing side or the training for a license. And perhaps at the same time get mamy more people interested.

How this could be achieved, and what level of progaramming though is needed for it, only the programmers know as it's not my field.

Can only say how I find it with one boat available to sail in a scene.
Just isn't "real" and can get get boring after a while.
However the realism is there. A conundrum.

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