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Just found this sim, and had a question or two

PostPosted: Thu 16 Mar 2006 - 23:51
by Scott Przybylski
I've always been a huge fan of Hydroplane racing, and I haven't seen anything mentioned about hydroplanes and this sim, so I was just a bit curious how moddable this sim is. Would it be possible for me to create a hydroplane racing mod? It's something I've been wanting for years, but I've never been able to find a good platform for a mod of that type since I lack the skills to completely program my own sim.

I've already modeled a couple hydros:



PostPosted: Fri 17 Mar 2006 - 00:20
by Barry
Hi Scott.

I don't think it would be possible at present as only the default boats that come with the simulators are drivable/sailable.
Anything you make yourself is floating or static.

Have you looked at Virtual Sailor as you can configure all the settings for boats, etc.
Create your own drivable/sailiable boats, etc.
Make sceneries from SRTM data etc.
Uses .x file type.
But I believe you can convert to 3ds then to .x etc.
Tried it myself from Blender but not had much success so far.