Download Available. Conway River c1800

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Download Available. Conway River c1800

Postby Barry » Tue 22 Aug 2006 - 00:17

Download Available. Conway River c1800

As described in the other thread and on site page.
There will be no further updates to this scenery.

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Postby altug » Sat 26 Aug 2006 - 13:39

Hello Barry :D

Thank you and Congratulations for this nice scenery with detailed land formation and 3D content :D It is a real pleasure to sail in the river. For a realistic environment I setup water stream towards the sea. My question is how many nautical miles would be appropriate to adjust the speed of the stream, similar to real life there?

Thanks again :D

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Postby Barry » Sat 26 Aug 2006 - 14:12

Hi Altug and thanks for posting.

Nowadays the upper reaches of the river Conway are very silted up.
I found a picture on the Internet of one of the Paddle Steamers on it.

The River Conway has a wide Estuary and tidal up to Trefriw but so not much current in the upper reaches, so maybe 2 or 3 knots?

I have the Imray Sea chart for the area and it gives the tidal streams but hard to get a position for a particular spot.

Would like to try and do the Menai Straits.
Turn left out of the Conway and the scenery includes the beginning of it. There is a very strong current here between the Island of Anglesey and North Wales.
The highest tide is 7.3 metres at Menai Bridge and 7.6 at Beaumaris at the other end of the Straits.
The middle bit between the 2 suspension bridges.
The Swellies says on the chart should be attempted at slack water streams can reach 8 knots.
Just getting the position of the rocks would be difficult.
Have include it in the other sceneries but more interesting to make detailed seneries as this one.

With the river Conway I had to make the upper reaches deeper than in real life as tested it for 7.5 tide and to keep some water in had to make a narrow trench at about 8 metres with a shallow trench each side of about 3 to 5 metres, etc. But only have the estuary details on the chart. the upper reach depths I guessed with reference to 1:25000 OS map for some of the sandbanks, etc.

Read on the Internet about 2 years ago there was bad flooding of the Conway Valley with the railway line running up it closed.
Havn't been there for a few years so don't know if it was re-opened.


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