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PostPosted: Mon 20 Oct 2003 - 09:25
by Aal
I would do it from a frontal view, extrude and adjust as going from stern to aft. But only for one half. I did this for the little avatar boat.
I also used lattice deformation and sub-surface.
But with the motorboat simulator I got this demo CD from Stentec with also freeware to produce hulls aand sals. the se export to VRML and you can import them in blender. This makes it all a lot easier. I'll sent you link later.

PostPosted: Mon 20 Oct 2003 - 19:53
by Barry
Alex that sounds interesting and thanks.

Spent a few hours with Blender and made the castle to refresh memory.
But as always texturing has become a major problem.
So went back to basics. Made a box.Changed colour as material addition, etc. Put a texture of castle wall on.

Alt plus P over script and get...
Module object has no attribute object.

Perhaps texture not in same folder.
Didn't seem to get these problems when I first started with it a few months back.

Dumped the lot and went back to gmax and uploaded sailing barge with full sail to Auran. Trouble is that is fixed track...

Stentec sim seems to have have the nice wave and boat movements and potential, but Blender sems to be a pain to use for texturing. Trainz mainly a train sim.,has easy to use detailed terrain editing and gmax which I can now use a bit, but you have to use fixed track, invisible track or train track.

Get there yet ...


PostPosted: Mon 20 Oct 2003 - 20:31
by Aal
Just to satisfy my curiousity: have you been able to run any Python script succesfully? My you have the wrong path or so.
You see the texture in a normal render?
Send me the zipped blender file. I played a bit with gmax a while ago. (i recognised the gui from the stentec pictured and thought I could use it for sailsim. But it just what you're used to I guess.
oh yeah the links

PostPosted: Mon 20 Oct 2003 - 21:00
by Guest
Alex. I didn't bother keeping the files.
When I first started using the script it worked OK
for a few simple things like quays, etc which I made and imported into the sailsim. That was a few months back.

It seemed then to work off and on bringing up various errors each time..
I downloaded the latest script a few weeks back and just seemed to be the same error notice. Probably have another go at it at a later date.
If I can get it to work with a simple box eventually it should be OK for making anything. Probably something I am doing wrong somewhere.
I will check to see if it shows up in the render next time round.

Thanks for the links.


PostPosted: Tue 21 Oct 2003 - 22:09
by Barry
Alex managed to get the script working again with Blender.
Made myself a warehouse that the narrowboats use to load from.

Be glad when some AI comes along or several moving boats going to and fro.


PostPosted: Tue 21 Oct 2003 - 23:18
by Aal
Good to hear :D Keep it up!

PostPosted: Wed 22 Oct 2003 - 22:26
by Aal
I just tried out the sneak preview of Blender 2.3. It is really great. Generally a big improvement on the GUI side. Lowers the treshold of using it for new users. 8)

PostPosted: Thu 23 Oct 2003 - 00:26
by Barry
Alex will have to download that when freely available.
This one is 2.28 I think.

Managed to lock the computer up.
Had a jpeg texture on but I also a bmp copy made.
Anyway redid it with just bmp in Blender and it seemed to go into the sim OK. I think you mentioned in an earlier post it would take bmp.

Trying to use planking texture. Some of the top hull textures flickering
for some reason and have to redo the bit on the front.
Just a sailing barge hull, but floats OK.
I will try and do the rest of it.
In gmax to make a double sided sail you tick double sided texture.
How do you put a texture on each side of a sail single plane in Blender?
Does Blender have a polygon counter like gmax. Havn't see one.

Wonder if anyone else will post on this forum?



PostPosted: Thu 23 Oct 2003 - 15:56
by Aal
in the status bar top right there is a counter for vertices and edges/faces.
In blender faces are default double sided. But I think sailsim (or VRML) only accepts single sided. Just copy the face and flip the normals.
Blender 2.3 isn't officially release but will come soon I suppose

PostPosted: Thu 23 Oct 2003 - 22:22
by Barry
Thanks Alex.

Reckon I would be OK with Blender now but textures seem weak when model is in the sim.
Have the same textures on the barge with gmax in the other sim and just been "sailing" it. and it looks as if really made from wood and deck planking, with 100 feet high mast.

Added mast to the Blender sailing barge and now would need to reset the buoy settings as rising and falling BUT UNDERWATER . Spent a while juggling with the settings.

Think I will wait to see if the sail and motorboat sim expands more of the non racing side. Boats coming and going in large dock complexes and along the coastline with some realistic scenery settings along the coastline for town, villages and city docksides, but keeping an eye on the polygon count.

Fine for on line racng, etc at present or possibly AI racing on comp. but not really what I am interested in. We will see what develops...


PostPosted: Thu 30 Oct 2003 - 03:30
by Barry
Managed to get the sailing barge floating. At least half a sailing barge, hull and one mast 100 feet approx. At least will give me a bit of incentive to make more models and complete the barge with Blender.

It was mentioned that animated boats perhaps will be available in next version of Scenery Designer toolkit so if you could create your own boats and perhaps set them on their own course somehow, although not drivable it would add much more interest to a scene and the variety of boats could be endless.

Don't know if Motorboat sim could have sailing vessels and vice versa. At least they are floating in buoy format so could get interesting and any type of boat could be made for either sim at least as a "buoy" and if not to complex with polygons?

Difficult to juggle with the buoy settings to get the boats to float. Even now they leap into the air when first view in sim but then stable but possibly a glitch in the sim.

Anyone else posting?


PostPosted: Thu 30 Oct 2003 - 10:12
by Aal
regarding the 'jumping': make sure all faces have their normal in the right direction. In blender select all 'A' and ctrl-N to let them point outwards. there is also a funtion in the object designer

PostPosted: Fri 31 Oct 2003 - 21:02
by Barry
Mast and boat About 30 metres or so.

Had put the rigging on, etc but file eventually locked up with texture problem. Put about 40 rungs for rope ladders each side of mast as single planes but maybe that idea won't work?

Deleted and saving it in stages now in seperate folders so at least can go back to the working version then. Blender seems to work OK with just bitmaps now.

Bit rough and ready needs, sails, rudder, and rigging etc.
Buoy setting needs more juggling with to float upright.

P.S. Added a third with rudder and tiller and at least they are all leaning over at approx the same angle. :wink: Just needs some sails and rigging.


PostPosted: Sat 01 Nov 2003 - 19:53
by Barry

Updated screenshot.

Managed to add some rigging with 2 flat planes back to back.
Blender has a button to click for double sided but still appeared as single sided so easiest solution was 2 planes back to back with texture on facing side of each.

Sails could be "interesting" but will try the same idea and clone the sail and reverse it, back to back.

Should be possible to make many type of square riggers, or whatever, with Blender as least as "buoys" and doesn't seem to affect the frame rates too much as use the lowest video card TNT2. Have put 4 in the route so far side by side as shown in screenshot.


PostPosted: Sat 01 Nov 2003 - 23:18
by Aal
That is coming along quite nicely. Did you every rope in the rig? As far as I know alpha channel texture isn't supported or is it?