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Caligari TrueSpace3D as an altenative to Blender

PostPosted: Tue 09 Nov 2004 - 12:43
by Rosita

For those of you who find Blender too difficult to use, it may be an idea to download the Caligari TrueSpace 3D version 3.2 which is available in a free version at

The program can save scenes in WRML version 2.0 which the Stentec Object Editor can read and convert to Stentec 3D Model ( xxxxx.s3d )

(Forget all about this message if I'm the only one who find Blender difficult :-)


PostPosted: Tue 09 Nov 2004 - 20:35
by Barry
Hi Lars

Thanks for the information and link.
Always useful to have as many options as possible.
Will have a look at it myself. Don't know about restrictions though of using any 3D models made with it for routes on line, as have put the models I make into the routes and there are 12 or so available from Texino's site.

I have just put the tutorial back on my site for Blender.
Details on how to make a simple coaster.
Biggest problem though is getting boats to float with the Object Editor as impossible to get some of them to float such as the steamer I made and some of the narrowboats.
Blender can now save direct to vrml2 as before you had to use a script file.
Also click www link below for site.

I am still using Blender but have a new computer with ati radeon 9800 AIW card and find Blender is not running as well on it as on the older computer.