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Why can I not save DEM-files?

PostPosted: Thu 13 Nov 2003 - 13:35
by Jan
Why can I not save DEM-files?

Tried it on two different systems, one with XP-Home and the other with Windows 2000.
Both as user and administrator.
Every time with the result, "you might not have enough access right to write to this location".
Who knows a solution?


PostPosted: Thu 13 Nov 2003 - 21:59
by Barry
Jan do you have the full bought version of the scenery designer toolkit as you can't save in the demo version also available in the plus version at least with the sailsim. Not sure on motorboat sim.

Other than that sounds like some computer setting but using windows ME myself.


PostPosted: Fri 14 Nov 2003 - 09:39
by Jan
Hi Barry

Have MBS plus with full version of scenery designer.
Maybe I should contact Stentec.


PostPosted: Fri 14 Nov 2003 - 20:16
by Barry
Jan the sail sim has a seperate registration number for the SD Toolkit.
Perhaps similar for motorboat.
Perhaps a mistype 1 for I or 0 for O , etc, although you wouldn't think it would install then.


PostPosted: Wed 19 Nov 2003 - 00:14
by Guest
Hi Jan,
I had the same problem. My OS is XP too but i guess Win2k is the same.

Solved it with:
- Go to the program "Toolkit" (normally under c:\programs\stentec\scenery design toolkit\
- click with right mouse key and take "properties" (Eigenschaften in deutsch)
- choose folder "compatibility" (Kompatibilität)
- set compatibility mode (Kompatibilitätsmodus) to "Run program in compatibility mode Windows 95"

Sorry if the translation is not correct but my windows is running in german.

Good luck

PostPosted: Thu 20 Nov 2003 - 08:59
by Jan
Hi Ralf

It worked, thanks

btw, your translations were ok.


PostPosted: Tue 31 Aug 2004 - 21:00
by Barry
Altough this is an old thread it may be useful for others.
First time I have tried out my latest computer XP using the full Scenery Designer Toolkit, and previously used windows ME

Same problem and had to use windows XP compatible mode to windows ME to get the dem. map to save.


PostPosted: Tue 25 Jan 2005 - 20:11
by Guest
Running windows 2000, I have no "compatibility" option and have the same problem.

In the Scenery Builder, trying to use a sample .std gets the error message "invalid dem projection, DEM projection must be in Scene coordinates".

I don't know if the two problems are linked.

PostPosted: Thu 14 Apr 2005 - 22:38
by ED50
The problem is not the same.

The reason for the error message is that you used a wrong DEM format type as input for the Scenery Builder.
Unfortunally Stentec's file extention ".DEM" do not differ between the two interim results and the final result of the DEM Builder:
1. DEM graph: That is the format when you draw lines of equal highs and deeps. You can detect that format by the the pink background (in case you do not use a real map as background).
2. DEM interpolated: That is the next step when you take your DEM graph file and the DEM Builder fills up the spaces between your drawn lines via interpolation function.
3. DEM szenery: This step is needed to use your interpolated DEM in the Scenery Builder. For that you have to used the "convert" function in the DEM Builder. After calling the "convert" function the DEM Builder ask for the "projection" type. Here you have to use "scene". Store the result and take this file as input for a new scene in the Scenery Builder.

When you use file content "DEM interpolated" in the Scenery Builder you get the above mentioned error message.

My recommendation is to store the different file formats with different file names. The DEM builder normally uses the same file name and the extention ".dem" for all there types so you can not differ the file content in the future.

Best Regards

DEM saving

PostPosted: Fri 02 Sep 2005 - 19:02
by Bill Cridland
Jan I have Windows XP professional and the DEM do save ok . HOwever if you are using a demo version of the toolkit Stentec has put a disable on the ability to REGISTER the Demo/Scenery and build packages. In fact if you have laid out a beautiful Island with a couple of Buoys bobbing off shore. Then gone to the build portion of the program to look and change whatever the Navigation Cursor etc in fact Jan you can see whether the DEM made it by twiddling the Numeric keys. However when you go to put it into the main SAil Program that is ' REGISTER ' this function is disabled. You cannot save using the DEMO. WEll it looks to me Jan that you have to know the directory path. THe way STentec has laid out the scenery data path to the sceneries is mind boggling. Jan check your directory paths make sure that your developed DEMs are on the right path. Just go to Microsoft Explorer and browse down the correct path . When you have found your dem. 'Save as'. I guarantee Jan that you will save that Dem if you are on the right directory path. I am a relatively newcomer to the subject . However this is what I have found wrong so far.

Problem saving DEMS using Windows XP OS

PostPosted: Fri 17 Feb 2006 - 20:11
by Bill Cridland
Jan Stefan(Stentec) and Barry well I certainly thank you all for all the help you have given. Would'nt this be a pleasant world if we all could help each other. My problem is solved and is working like a charm. I am writing this to help others who have reverted to XP operating systems.When I mention XP I mean I tried both XP Home Edition and also XP professional. Sentec were shrewd in making available a Compatibility choice to operate their SceneryDesign Toolkit program . It just happened that all the XP conversions on my computers were from Winows 98 or Windows 98 SE. Naturally I assumed in selecting the Compatibilty choice one would choose Windows 98. I did just that and still had same problem Access Denied during a DEM save. Jan and Stefan ( Stentec) mentioned I use Windows 95. So I tried that and sure enough it worked perfectly with Windows 95. Another problem I had , qwhich was not related to the DEM saving was that the master copy of the SceneryDesign Toolkit Program had a currupted Cloud.bmp file. Fortunately I had made a copy when I first bought the 4.2 CD so was able to correct this anomoly. I tried several small islands and the procedure works perfectly. When I get a minute I will itemize the procedure so all of us understand in plain English how one would go about designing their own islands, insert buoys lighthouses et al with an OS XP computer.I would like to thank Stefan and Jan for their help and to Barry for his many ideas to correct the problem. I am not sure whether Stentec will get their software people to include lines of code to include XP versions of the Window operating system. Again appreciate the help .As I mentioned to Barry I think the Stentec program is simple to use and their programmers have done a great job. I looked at other 3D program desigh packages and they were confusing to say the least.