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possible to create parts of a scenery and join them

PostPosted: Thu 17 Feb 2005 - 20:53
by Rob Sleurs
I want to know if it is possible to create parts of a scenery (eg 1 port of a coastline) and save it. and anotherday you create another part. Can you join them afterwards to 1 scenery
If yes, how should I do this?

Thank you very much,

Rob Sleurs

ps i want to create the belgian coast.

PostPosted: Thu 17 Feb 2005 - 23:06
by altug
As far as I know this is impossible Rob. Unfortunately not...:(


PostPosted: Thu 17 Feb 2005 - 23:42
by Barry
That has been my problem as I did try making the North Wales Coastline I think about 80 to 100 miles, a good while ago, but couldn't get enough detail without taking ages to generate the dem map, and wondered if maps could be merged. Deleted it eventually.

Always get a bit lost in making dem maps although can make 10 to 20 miles OK, either tracing map contours or freestyle.

With a train sim I have used you can merge maps but I think we will have to wait until the next version of the Scenery Designer toolkit comes along to make a nice big sailing route, or extra functions?