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set quais and walls on there right places

PostPosted: Sun 20 Feb 2005 - 20:37
by Rob Sleurs
How I can set quais and walls on there right places with the senery builder of the senery design toolkit



PostPosted: Sun 20 Feb 2005 - 22:03
by Barry
Hi Rob.
After opening the map you are using....
click either house symbol for fixed object or buoy symbol if floating object.
The first list is the items already in route.

Use arrow keys to go to required position. Click add which places first item in object file then scroll and click required item, whic will change the placed item to the one you want.

I think then you need to click on map and if you wish to move item just use arrow keys with item attached. To raise or lower use Z in position box and alter the value in meters in the box. after 0 use minus to lower. after altering value click on map.

To rotate use rotation box and click curved arrow and x,y,or z to rotate in direction required.

To place more of the same type, you can just click add, and move it away from the first with the arrow keys. To get away from the object you placed, I think you will need to click an empty bit of space in object file.
The object file is a list of the items that you have available in the scenery designer toolkit to use.

Sounds a bit complicated but once you experiment a bit gets easier.
You may get the occasional error notices but just ignore them.
To install items into te Scenery Designer use the Object Editor, Double click the the S3D or buoy file the click send to Scenery Designer I think.
If you wish use any of my items in your routes for yourself or to make available for others for non commercial use.



P.S. If problems just post again and one of us will try and help if we can.


thanx for help

PostPosted: Mon 21 Feb 2005 - 13:24
by Rob Sleurs

Thanks for your reply