TUTORIAL: How to create a Lighthouse which lights at night

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TUTORIAL: How to create a Lighthouse which lights at night

Postby ED50 » Thu 19 Jan 2006 - 23:08

How to create a Lighthouse which lights at night:
You normally have the following information available:
· A picture for the lighthouse
· A part of a navigation chart with the lighthouse
· May be a part of the Lighthouse Dictionary with additional information

In my example:
Kegnaes (DK), Occulting White Red Green, distance = W14/R10/G10sm, high = 32 m, description = round yellow tower (18m) on the south cliff on island Als, position = 54°51"N 009°59"E, sectors = Red 217°-266,5; Green 266,5° - 273°; White 273° - 289,5°; ...

· From the lighthouse dictionary you can take the high of building. After printing your picture on your printer you can measure with a ruler and pencil and calculate all different sizes to create an object in Blender.
· Export it and transform it to a Stentec s3d object.


Now you have a lighthouse which does not shine.

To let the lighthouse shine at night I have build the lighthouse without the fire itself and have build a second object with the fire only.

· The lighthouse has to have empty windows to introduce the fire object later.
· The second fire object has to be a little bit smaller than the lighthouse building.
· The position of your lighthouse object has to fit the correct north position within Blender

The second object is a Blender cylinder with 90 edges.

Why 90 is very simple: After creating each side element represents 4° of a circle.
I have made a mark in top of the cylinder with “Nâ€
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