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Moving objects from one scenery to an other

PostPosted: Wed 01 Mar 2006 - 18:15
by Amtorp
I have stated to experiment with creating scenery for the sail simulator. I made model of the water arround Copenhagen (great sailng area).

I decided to go for a even better model but ran into this littel problems. I have to setup all the objects once agin.

I would be nice with some utility that enablede you to copy a set of objetc and its parameters to a new scenery.

br Søren Amtorp

PostPosted: Thu 02 Mar 2006 - 16:44
by altug
with the current speed of Stentec maybe our grandchildren may see this kind of improvements ;)

PostPosted: Fri 03 Mar 2006 - 12:28
by Amtorp
Do you think they lack the will or the resources?

It is a pitty that you have to reenter all objects manually. I prohibits you from building sceneries thourgh a iterative process

Cool homepage you have. See you are from Turkey. Great country. I have a dream of sailing under the bridges of Bosporus Strait.

Br Søren

PostPosted: Fri 03 Mar 2006 - 13:39
by Barry
Hi br Søren

There was a way altering the terrain in A SINGLE scenery without having to replace all the objects, by using a script using "Blender". However I don't know about moving items from one scneery to another.

Alex sent me the script a while ago but no longer have it.
Also I could not understand how to use it at the time.

Regarding Stentec they are specialists in small boat navigation software, and air and water dynamics.
They did mention they are a small company but are supporting the simulators as regards future development of them.

I believe the next sailsimulator 5, and maybe a new Scenery Designer is projected for end of November. Hopefully!

I only know of Virtual Sailor as the only other practical sailing simulator for making routes.
You can now make a basic route in about 5 minutes of most areas up to maybe a few 100 miles as tried it with the demo version, using SRTM satellite data with it, but placing objects, water depths in rivers and estuaries, etc I find difficult to use. This applies to the version 7 beta.
You just convert the files with 3DEM and place the 2 files in a named folder/directory. The scenery is then made automatically.

I have made a few posts on their forum.

However will carry on with the Stentec Simulators as I find them relatively easy to place content and make realistic sceneries with them.



PostPosted: Mon 06 Mar 2006 - 12:54
by Amtorp
Hi Barry!

Jusr Søren (br = best regards)

Thank for your detailed answer.

Best regards

Søren Amtorp

PostPosted: Sun 12 Mar 2006 - 10:29
by Amtorp
Is there any chance to get in contact with Alex. I really could use this script.


PostPosted: Sun 12 Mar 2006 - 13:18
by Barry
Hello Søren

I think Alex sent one to (ED50) Ralf.
His post lower down the page.
Alex is AAL also his post lower down the page.
I don't want to post the email addresses, but they are either in the post or on their websites.
Click www link at bottom of their posts.


PostPosted: Tue 14 Mar 2006 - 22:06
by ED50
Hi Sören,
please look at your Forum Mail Box. I forward the script form Alex to you.

I must say that I never run the script. I read the code and see that the script is modifying the scenery.txt file which contains the description of all object and buoys. I try to modify the scenery.txt file maunally for testing and have detected that my modification where overwritten with the originally values by Scenery Builder. So I never understand how the script works but may be you have more success. I case you are able to let it run please inform us.

I case you are interested you can have a look on my WEB page. I have a scenery from the Danish/German coast to download there.

I am acually working on a version 2 of that scenery because I had to repair some deeps. I have finished the new DEM file and started to equip the object again manually. I finished Marstal Bugt and Nakskov Fjord now.

If you are creating own new object please inform me - we can share some new objects.

Hilsen fra Tyskland

PostPosted: Wed 15 Mar 2006 - 15:36
by altug
Greetings to Sören from Bosporus :D


Barry, I have a question: I was checking SRTM for Istanbul. Unfortunately the city is divided by 4 SRTM plates. At the south entrance of the Bosporus N 41 and E 29 are crossing and dividing the city into 4 SRTM plates. Something like this:

Any idea about how to connect different SRTM plates?

altug :D

PostPosted: Wed 15 Mar 2006 - 16:00
by Barry
ALtug Hi

If it's srtm files and next to each other, just hold down control and select several. Then just load them as one into 3DEM.
It will load them joined together as one map.
Then crop the section you need.

I have loaded up to 8 I think but you may run out of memory if you try and load too many. With virtual Terrain it will load then as the one big map. You can also load maps seperate into VT and it will join them together as you load each one.

Don't forget to patch in 3DEM after loading.
It was 402 points I think it fixed on your FULL scenery map, not 42 as I mentioned. See other thread for details.

P.S. 32 bit texture may make the sides of suspension bridge over the Bosporus? Maybe solid strip for bottom?



PostPosted: Wed 15 Mar 2006 - 23:22
by Barry
Altug Hi

You may ned to change UTM Ellipsoid to UTM Projection.
See my new thread re- type of projection.



PostPosted: Fri 24 Mar 2006 - 00:29
by altug
Thank You Barry :D

I wanted to check how realistic is the result we can get from SRTM data and this is possible by looking at the real places we know. That is why I wanted to check Istanbul. To make a port city project requires a lot of 3D modeling, seems like an endless job.

At this point I want to recommend a 3D software: Sketch Up 5. Actually it is a 450$ software but downloadable demo allows you to use the full version for 6 hrs. It is a great software which made 3D modeling very easy. Especially in architectural stuff. Light houses, buildings and bridges can be done in minutes. So 6 hrs would be enough for lot of stuff :D. I went through tutorial and keep the left time for Gocek scenery's D stuff :D

Many thanks for opening the way :D

PostPosted: Fri 24 Mar 2006 - 00:32
by altug
Yes is the link :


PostPosted: Fri 24 Mar 2006 - 03:15
by Barry
Thanks Altug. I had heard of it but never got around to downloading it.
Sounds interesting but price and limited demo put me off.
Also updates seem to cost a bit.

If I keep to 1800s, sceneries not too complex then.
Basic ports and docks and can make them using a few different size quays, etc,
Just need to make a few churches, farms, etc for the landscape.
Cover the rest in trees, 3D model cliffs, or whatever.
I will just plod on with Blender I suppose, but vrml2 can't carry animation. Not that that matters at the moment as no function for it.

Also need to expand the range of "little people" but for downloads, etc, I need to limit content to just a few items to keep the scenery file size around 20 meg, but will have a seperate sceneries with more details for myself.