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PostPosted: Fri 27 Jan 2006 - 17:22
by iabi
16:45 GMT+1[/list]

PostPosted: Fri 03 Feb 2006 - 10:25
by zatanelnegro
were We planning an event to do every week to him?


good bye and thanks

by: zatanelnegro

I don;t know

PostPosted: Sat 04 Feb 2006 - 17:07
by lluke
It looks like we can't seem to get it together.

If anybody can provider a schedule, I can meet and race.

I have had no problems with Rosita's server, but others say they have.

PostPosted: Sat 04 Feb 2006 - 19:11
by zatanelnegro
the server of rosita this good and I am now in