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Postby Hilbert » Fri 14 Nov 2003 - 13:03

Alright, here is the information on the status of development of Motorboat Simulator:

The update 1.1 is nearly ready for release. We planned to release this week but unfortunately multiplayer wasn't stable enough yet. We are currently doing a 24h. multiplayer test. Now we're focussing on a release beginning of next week.

We won't release a beta of the 1.1 update, but of course we do appreciate your comments and suggestions regarding errors and bugs etc.. The reason why we won't release a beta is because we planned the beta version for the release of MBS 1.2(scheduled in December). This version will be more complete with KNRM boat and level of detail etc.. You could call it a more definitive version.

I hope to have informed you sufficiently and hope you are still willing to contribute to testing the program. Thanks for your understanding.
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What he said

Postby Rum Forum » Sun 16 Nov 2003 - 04:28

Ha ha ha ha ha ha Look at the MBS multiplayer forum: Not one post= Zed interest. So what will be in the "upgrade" anyway? I for one plan a hack where hyper buoyant motorized craft are at the mercy of wakes from 70+ knot flying sloops.

I am checking the air fare from Africa to The NL by way of AU. Something is just not right here. Everyone knows the Dutch are good people. The only answer I can field is Aussies are involved.

I'll submit my findings to Capt Texino and let him post them in that column he does for the Brits.

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Postby Barry » Sun 16 Nov 2003 - 16:17

I will wait a bit longer to get the motorboat version as using sailsim.
Hopefully the plus version will have version 2 of the scenery builder in it eventually, which will allow much more variety for modelling, animations, etc, plus perhaps AI for more boats in the scene other than multiplayer.

Hope to make static boats of sailing square rig, types, etc, plus maybe older steamers, and whatever, at least in buoy format and older dockside models, warehouses, houses, quays, etc.

The sims are a good starting platform for realism and if using Blender to make your own models all manner of routes can be made. Blender is free and only about a 2 meg download.

IF!!! your own made models could be made drivable (sailable) in some form that would make it really interesting although may not be feasible in the current programming, but maybe eventually.

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