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navigator v5

Postby diems » Sun 21 Aug 2011 - 18:17


I just purchased WinGPS 5 Navigator to use as route planner with ANWB water charts 2009 for Netherlands.
The charts are visible, GPS has a fix so requirements look ok. The goal i'm trying to achieve is to create a route with or without GPS active and be able to browse the routepoints as shown in planner overview when route info is displayed.

This seems not possible. When i create a route with 2 mouse clicks (one as start and one as endpoint), it does however show the routepoints under route info but I'm not able to get details for locks or bridges as the route steps do not allow to be clicked or get detailed information. Also, when clicking the route info, it seems the route becomes active with the current time even when the route is created for any upcoming date. I have tried to fiddle with particular following orders but with no success.

Next to the above, It seems not possible to create a route between 2 locations where your ship is not located. If you create any route with 2 locations other than your ship location, it creates an extra route to your ship.

It would be great if all the above was possible. That way I can truly use the software as planner and "walk" through routes to see bridges and waterlocks details.

If for any reason all mentioned is already possible, please direct me to the right butons :p

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