Building a steamship.Impossible to float. New Object Editor?

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Building a steamship.Impossible to float. New Object Editor?

Postby Barry » Thu 29 Jan 2004 - 20:55

So far have got all the boats I have made to float.
Even managed to make a floating quay 400 metres long. 20 metre wide and 10 metre deep

So started on a steamship a few days back. original built 1908, on the Isle of Man Route. About 120 metres, by 15 metre beam and 15 height with approx 5 to 6 metres in water I think.

Anyway seems impossible to get this one to float with the Object Editor.
Made the weight from about 100 kilos up to to millions and the Z centre of gravlity up to plus 80 down to minus ten or so.

Whatever the settings just slowly sinks, and havn't built any lifeboats yet :wink: Was going to delete it but will carry on, and see if I can complete it as a static model. Anyway I like the tinted see through windows I made so probably worth carrying on. Not much difference whether floating or static for larger boats as can't be moved at present.
Although could put collision spheres on it as looks intersting when sailing around it.

A new Object Editor was mentioned I think but whether the buoy format settings can be improved for larger ships I don't know.

Spent several hours trying to get it to float, so will leave any larger ships/boats until a new Object Editor appears with improved functions hopefully.

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Postby Willi Ortolan » Thu 29 Jan 2004 - 23:56

Barry I have been studying Engineers Stentec and it would seem that they came into this simulation business by default. It is my opinion also that they making their money from energy crisis when people, in fear, spend large sums of money on ideas like wind farms and other magics.

It is interesting to note that it was around the time of large power outages in the US and other countries which occurred this fall that activity on the the simulator updates seemed to cease. In aid of this, I certainly would give careful thought to how much time you spend trying to improve Stentec's products out of loyalty. Remember this is not Auran or MS, companies who do simulations as well as many other types of software. Engineers Stentec seems to be a small company that makes some income from selling different sim technology while occasionally doing some work on their own; work it would seem that hits the back burner the second some other project comes in the door.

At any rate good luck as you go. I am certain your effort is appreciated if not by Engineers Stentec than by the customers who have been let down by their capricious actions.
Willi Ortolan

Postby Barry » Fri 30 Jan 2004 - 23:22

Willi Hi

Not loyalty as you mention, just that I don't know of any other sail/mb sim. at present, that has the potential for expansion, with as much realism as the Stentec products. Also route making is fairly easy, and Blender can make any type of models to any amout of detail.

But like others I will be pleased when some "improvements" come along.

Added a screenshot of the steamer to page 1 of my site.
Should I manage to get it finished will make it available, but every time I add something I tend to scupper something else. At least it wont sink as its a static 3D model for now. May have another go at getting it to float sometime as added another deck which alters its shape.

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