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Guitar Challenge

Postby texino » Thu 19 Feb 2004 - 21:18

I have noticed that quite a few of the staff at Stentec list "Guitar playing" on Resume'

Well as luck would have, Captain Bozo Texino (working under a different name) has had some success in the music business. Therefore, if anyone over there cares to Jam for the possession of the Rescue Boat module in MBS, I will be happy to participate. Just let me know where you want to pick and what style you would care to play and I will be there.
At your service,
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No one wants to play...(

Postby texino » Mon 23 Feb 2004 - 19:12

Oh well, it is always "Grow up Texino" "Stop bugging us, we are way too busy and important." "Texino you are so immature." Well actually, I am nearly 60 years of age and all I want is a simple piece of code which I bought seven months ago on the premise that it would deliver in a matter of days. A piece of code which is operating right now. When I get it, I will go away and NEVER BOTHER ANYONE WITH MY CHILDISH ANTICS AGAIN.

My word

B. Texino
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Postby Barry » Mon 23 Feb 2004 - 21:53

Texino Hi

You better hadn't go away as I am not gong to play at driving toy boats on my own. Anyway I reckon I am more childish than you at 63. :wink:

Still waiting to buy the m/b sim myself which is overdue by a few months version 1.2 and supposed to have the new boat in it, but maybe this month????????????

So I think your letters that you posted, using the voice of various seafaring personalities, to express your concern, etc, were quite valid, considering the circumstances.

Also as you are hosting the models I made on your server, to enable them to be downloaded I think you have done a great deal to help forum members.


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