Will version 1.2 bring more interest in posting on forum?

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Will version 1.2 bring more interest in posting on forum?

Postby Barry » Sun 23 May 2004 - 18:22

Everything is very quiet.
The gentle rippling of the waves can be heard against the hull.
Becalmed miles from land.
Even the last trace of wind had now completely vanished (still using sail-sim waiting for m/b 1.2).

Or what news is there from forum members.
Would any new members like to post?
Are you still sailing driving with the m/b sim.
How do the boats handle?
What sort of routes do you sail on (virtually).
What would really make the m/b sim interesting with plenty of feedback on the forum, other than racing as that has it's own section.
Is anyone else getting to grips with Blender yet?
Do you think that if the Scenery Designer was included in the normal sim. as part of the sim. it would encourage more people to start making routes and 3D models?
What boats and land models, would you like to see in the sim?
Not by Stentec, but what we could make ourselves.
And of course the boats would need to be made drivable by Stentec with that function available in the sim. for off-line.

There are another 101 questions but mabe next time for those :wink:


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Postby texino » Mon 24 May 2004 - 02:28

I enjoy motoring the latest route. A estuary flowing through the hills, where you can pass many barges bringing rock to save a flooded town.
As you head south and east the barges seem to pass you on their own.

It would be nice if they were actually moving. Also some navigation aids for night running would be swell. The new Rescue boat is quite a piece of work although it seems to enjoy running in circles rather than straight lines unless it is in full reverse of course, then it runs fine.

It is very relaxing mooring a boat at sunset and hearing the sounds. The twinkling of shore lights and flashing of buoys would really add a lot as well a acting as a great training aid.

It is well to wish for these things if the masters of design are watching.
I would hope they are and that they appreciate what has been done by so few, for so many, for nothing other than the joy of making something.
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