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Postby Exocet25fr » Tue 22 Jun 2004 - 16:24


They don't know their products......! :evil: !.
I reinstalled Motorboat v1.1.0.4, and ALL SCENERIES WORK FINE!!!,
Cave Island runs FINE!!!!!!. I tested all sceneries and I have BIG ONES!!
ALL SCENERIES WORK FINE FOR ME........! and I don't change Water file......! :evil: !.
STENTEC doesn't admit their Patch v1.1.2.0 with KRNM boat is NOT COMPATIBLE because I think they don't want make it again!
I suggest to customers don't use the KRNM boat.......! :wink: !
and I suggest to Stentec to revise their copy...... :evil: !
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Postby Jeroen » Wed 23 Jun 2004 - 10:05

I did admit in that the scenery doesn't work with the latest update and I've spent quite some time to provide you with a work-around to at least get the scenery working. So please don't tell me we're not admitting that there is a problem.

Since we're not working on Motorboat Simulator right now we won't be able to fix the problem right this minute, i apologise for this. We will however start working on a CD version for motorboat simulator in the near future we will sure try to fix the problem in that release.

There's no need for you to keep bringing up that it doesn't work because we know that it doesn't and we admitted that there's an error in the program.

Anyway.... again i apologise for the not working of certain sceneries and we will fix the problem in the new update (CD version).
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CD VERSION??????????

Postby Exocet25fr » Wed 23 Jun 2004 - 11:22

I GOT A DOWNLOAD VERSION!!!!!!! :twisted: !


MAY BE A NEW SCANDAL LIKE SAIL SIMULATOR 4.0 &4.2i !!!!!! :evil: !

I bought Sail Simulator 2 & 3 & addons
I bought Sail Simulator 4 & Motorboat & Scenery toolkit!, it's not enough?????????? :shock: :shock: :shock: !
I bought scenery toolkit because you said it's COMPATIBLE WITH SAIL SIMULATOR & MOTORBOAT!!!!!
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Postby Hilbert » Thu 24 Jun 2004 - 08:24


The new version will become available on CD, as a download, and as an update as well. So you don't need to buy the program again.

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Postby Aal » Thu 24 Jun 2004 - 09:17

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Good news!!!!

Postby Exocet25fr » Thu 24 Jun 2004 - 10:41

HA......!, good news! :D !

I'm sorry but I was unhappy because I sent emails in the past without response!? :oops: :cry: !.
Today I get all respons to my questions! :lol: !

THANKS!!!! :wink:
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Message from Texino

Postby texino » Sat 26 Jun 2004 - 19:50

Hello, this is Texino speaking through the voice of Reverend Tommy The Internet Gullah Preacher and all around good personal friend to all who sail or motor the seas both in realaity and simulation.

I hope Jean-Marc has become settled. I certainly understand his frustration because Texino has had to go around with Stentec in the past in order to try and get them to release the update w/rescue boat.
Ofcourse, now they have done it and it does not work, Texino has just given up on the matter and proceeded to help Barry because Barry is a good man and works in real time and always returns calls.

As for Stentec? Well it is hard to understand their position. The fact that they are "not working on motorboat" at the moment should not be a huge issue so far as debugging the upgrade. Unfortunately, what they mean is they are a pretty small outfit and do not have the resourses to put to task. One might argue that, if they want to be in the sim business then they could damn well hire on some temporary staff and fix it. Instead, they seem to feel that we in the user community will work something out or understand their position because we are all great friends and a close knit bunch to boot. Well, that is not entirly so, BUT should Hilbert or Joren continue to pay attention to what is being said here and responding in kind and in a timely manner, I think they will find a much more receptive audience willing to go along with the status quo. Right now, however, it seems that the only way to get attention is to attract attention in a loud and rude manner. The old adage "You catch more flies with sugar..." holds true here so long as one remembers that flies are also attracted by "S**T"

Texino, he is in some foriegn country, but he has asked me to mention that he will be working on the download page soon and if anyone has files that he or she might care to add, that individual should email Texino because he will get the mail wherever he may be on God's green earth and he will answer your letters too. There is no reason to fear Texino; he is just different. Same goes for Ali Altug "The Turk" Yes he is a big man with a sword, but he is here to help and protect our group from danger (as well as Stentec) plus he makes nice scenery. I hope that Altug is not offended by my discription. I have never seen him, and the only reason I say that he looks like this is because Texino told me so. Unfortunately, is proven that Texino can "lie like a rug" so you just never know. For instance, once Texino told me he had made me a nice avatar for the Church of Spiritual Humanism and it turned out to be some cave man. Texino says it is realy a picture of an important Saint. Looks like a cave man with a club to me.

Ok then, This is The Reverend Tommy "The Internet Gullah Preacher" signing off in order to go preach some.

Please remember that you are "Just one somebody" so do your best to be a good one..

Rev. Tommy
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Postby altug » Sun 27 Jun 2004 - 08:19

:lol: np,
Luv you guys!

altug :)
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